NOTE: A complete installation and troubleshooting guide is included in the download package or can be downloaded at this link


1. An operational instance of SharePoint 2010 (any edition)

2. Administrator rights to the SharePoint 2010 instance

3. Access to the server SharePoint 2010 resides on

4. Fully configured Forms Base Authentication (FBA)


Install Forms Based Authentication Tool

1. Copy the files AIS.SharePoint.AspNetFBA.wsp and install.bat to your SharePoint server
NOTE: Both files must reside in the same folder on your SharePoint server

2. Logon to your SharePoint server either locally or via Remote Desktop

3. Execute the install.bat file copying in step#1 above.


Deploy Forms Based Authentication Tool to your SharePoint site(s)

1. Launch the Central Administration website

2. Navigate: System Settings-> Manager Farm Solutions

3. Click the AIS.SharePoint.ASPNetFBA.wsp link
(If the link does not exist, repeat the steps under Install AIS.SharePoint.AspNetFBA)

4. Click the Deploy Solution link
You should now see the following screen

5. OPTIONAL: Under Deploy To?, you can configure a specific target SharePoint web site to deploy the AIS.SharePoint.AspNetFBA.wsp.

6. Select OK to complete the deployment


Configure Forms Based Authentication Tool

1. Launch the SharePoint website the tool was deployed to

2. Navigate: Site Actions -> Site Settings

3. Click the settings link under Forms Authentication Management

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